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Shoes Well Fit For Growing Feet

Want toddler shoes that keep little feet happy and healthy?

A child’s foot development is an amazing thing. When a toddler begins to walk, usually between the ages of 9 and 12 months, his feet are chubby, flat, sweats a lot, and are not strong enough to stand without support. But they soon develop well-formed arches and strong muscles, just like adult feet. Until then, your little boy or girl needs good toddler shoes that provide the best environment for feet to stay healthy, keep dry and comfy, and develop correctly.

Here at First Walkers, we are committed to provide Australian parents with the best children's orthopedic shoes from all around the world. We managed to collect in one place kids’ anatomic sandals, sneakers, flats, and mary janes that are recommended by orthopedists and pediatricians in Europe, US and Asia.

Any pair of boys,’ girls,’ or unisex toddler sandals you pick from our online shelf is made with one purpose in mind – to support our beloved kids as they start their long journey.

And yet if you choose to buy a pair for your boy or girl somewhere else, please use the checklist below to make sure their little feet grow right.

What to look for in a pair of toddler shoes?

Some shoes out in the market are designed solely to keep up with fashion trends. Avoid these shoes with oddly shaped foot lasts, like those that have pointed toes and thus have no wiggle room for the toes. Avoid rigid soles that prevent movement, or shoes with uppers that aren’t sturdy enough to keep feet in place. When shopping for toddler shoes online or offline, always go for qualities you find in orthotic friendly or anatomic children’s shoes, e.g., breathability, proper fit, and healthy support.


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