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Orthotic Shoes, Sneakers and Boots for Kids in Winter

Kids will love those boots to run around during rainy winter months

Children’s orthotic shoes are not just for Summer and Spring. Our kids should have the privilege of wearing comfortable shoes that fit perfectly all year round. Fortunately, First Walkers has a new collection of children’s shoes online, ready for the cooler days ahead.

The newcomers include orthopedic moccasins, sneakers and leather booties for boys and girls. Style-wise, our closed shoes for kids look like your everyday fashion footwear. But they offer the same anatomic design and comfort – from leather uppers to insoles to outsoles – that our earlier collections have.

Children’s Leather Boots

Zippy Joe kids’ boots is our first and only pair of booties for toddlers and kids. To our surprise, they easily became the most popular among the other toddler shoes. Because of this, expect to see more of this winner next year.

A pair of leather high cuts like Zippy Joe won’t shy away from rain or colder weather. A zipper closure makes them quick to slip on or off. The thick material should keep feet dry. Outsole traction makes walking less slippery. And it has all the features of orthopedic shoe design. Whoever said you can’t find orthopedic boots for kids?

Orthopedic Moccasin Shoes

Katie Confetti glam girls’ moccasins is one of the four moccasin designs from in our Winter collection. Breathable uppers, Velcro closures, elastic outsoles and orthotic shoes arch support make this pair just as comfy as our toddler sandals. Moreover, it’s exceptionally girly in light pink. Like kids’ loafers, it’s great for everyday wear or for casual events. However, if you’re in search of red shoes for girls, we also have Brittany Red moccasins for your princess.

Boys’ moccasins are also available in white and blue.

Children’s Sneakers

Sneakers are definite must-haves for every growing kid. They’re useful not only during Winter but throughout the year as well. Roger Run stylish orthotic sneakers are great for playtime in school or at the park. You don’t need to worry about the rain when he’s wearing them.

Comfy Orthotic Shoes All Year Round

Good craftsmanship that provides the arch support, right fit and added health benefits you desire for your kids, is always worth investing in. Our orthotic shoes like moccasins, boots and sneakers carry such quality craftsmanship. They are also useful all year round and not just during Winter.

Shoes That Are Fun to Wear

Last but not least, choosing quality and function should not always mean neglecting style. Parents who have fashion-conscious children, you understand this best. This is why First Walkers brings you orthotic shoes that are both functional and stylish.

For toddler sandals and orthotic shoes that love children’s feet best, please don’t miss browsing our collection of children’s shoes online.


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