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When do children need their first shoes?

Are you excited to get your toddler his first pair of kids sandals or boys shoes? Are you concerned that her little feet need protective toddler sandals now that she has taken her very first steps? For sure, this is reason to celebrate! But do relax a bit because you don’t have to be in a hurry when it comes to gearing up her tootsies in girl’s sandals or sneakers.

When is the right time then?

To state it simply, wearing kids sandals or any toddler footwear usually can wait until your baby is already walking and playing outdoors. Why? Toddler shoes are there to protect his feet from the potentially harmful ground outside, whether due to sharp twigs and pebbles at the garden, scratchy hard surfaces at the park, or other unexpected dangerous elements wherever adventure leads him to.

At what age should you your baby get her first shoes then? It depends! For some, it may be at around 10 months while for others, it won’t be until 1 year old. (Not all kids start walking at the same age and that’s absolutely fine!) It also depends on when you will finally allow her to walk outdoors, or even indoors like in malls or daycares. When this happens, however, make him ready with perfectly fitted, properly soled toddler sandals or kids’ shoes.

How about pre-walkers?

Some parents prefer to buy infant sandals even before their child starts walking, or during their transition from crawling to standing. There is no strict rule that says you are not allowed to, but do keep in mind that learning to walk is done best barefoot. Nevertheless…

If little Oliver has a trip to the daycare or children’s play place, perhaps, it is safer to put him in boys’ sandals instead of his usual rubber soled socks. Walking barefoot or wearing rubber soled socks (that prevent slipping) are great for pre-walkers when in a relatively safe indoor environment. When in doubt, though, he should have a dependable pair of pre-walkers put on. He also needs them for protection during cold weather.

What kind of first shoes should my toddler wear?

 An uninformed parent might think that getting a pair of baby converse or kids sneakers is the way to go. For first toddler shoes however, you should actually look for a flexible, lightweight and breathable leather-crafted pair instead of something that is thick, tight fitting and restricting. Heaviness and thickness do not equate to quality protection. To learn more about what to look for in a pair of toddler shoes or kids sandals, check out the homepage for precious tips.

Kids sandals are great to wear during summer, inside the house and in the mall. For outdoor playing and colder weather, closed toddler shoes are ideal because they keep toes protected and feet warm.

So do you think your baby is ready for his or her first pair of walking sandals? Whether you want to get him a pair for outdoor play, to keep his feet warm during winter, for extra safety when playing indoors, or for all of the above, make sure to go for quality toddler sandals or kids leather shoes that are especially designed to keep baby feet healthy.


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