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11 iPad Apps Both Toddlers and Mums Love

How many of you mums and dads out there wrestle with the idea of allowing their kid to play toddler games on their (or even kiddy's own) iPad? For sure, most of us don’t want our toddlers to spend a whole day with eyes glued to a tablet screen. We’re responsible parents right? But it is almost next to impossible to avoid technology. Admit it, they are pretty helpful once in a while when you need your kid to stay put on her seat during a long drive or a plane ride. Thus, we have learnt a good compromise. Limit their time with technology then influence them to play kids’ games that are good for their development. We should choose enjoyable educational kids games or entertainment apps though - boring ones defeat the purpose!

The great news is there are a lot of truly beneficial and fun abc kids’ games and educational apps available today. Consider this list of toddler games and apps both you and your kiddos will love. We have here a combination of free games for kids and affordable apps.

ABC Kids’ Games and Numbers Apps

Endless Alphabet

iTunes Rating: 5 Stars | Price: $6.99

Looking for abc kids’ games? Although this one may be for the older toddler, they don’t necessarily have to know the alphabet to be able to play it because all they have to do is slide the colored letters in place to match the outlined letters that form the word. After which, there’s a fun animation that appears, demonstrating the word’s meaning. Pretty fun and educational!

My First ABC Kids

iTunes Rating: 5 Stars | Price: FREE

My First ABC Kids is an interactive application that contains several features including toddler games, educational activities, and nursery rhymes to sing along with.It has two abc kids’ games, one is a balloon popping game that even adults like to play. Guide your kid by playing it together as he gradually learns to identify each alphabet correctly. Don’t get addicted to it though. It also teaches toddlers how to spell and how to write letters through a tracing activity.

Candy Count – Learn Colors and Numbers

iTunes Rating: 4 Stars | Price: FREE

This app teaches kids to count a bag of candies without getting sticky fingers or a toothache. Another bonus, they also get to learn the different colors. This is one of few high-rated toddler games for iPads.

Wee Alphas

iTunes Rating: 4+ Stars | Price: $2.99

This is definitely one of the more cute and fun abc kids’ games available on iTunes. It has been described by users as “…quirky enough to entertain the parents playing the app with the kids” and as having “adorable characters, funny animation and sounds”. There are hidden letters in the animals that the player should find. It has interactive animations that activate when touched, as well as a sketchpad for practice drawing.

Animals, Sounds and Vocabulary

First Sounds

iTunes Rating: 4+ Stars | Price: FREE

This app, parents confess, is their kid’s favorite amongst toddler games. Children are excited to tap the images and hear the sound each one makes. After some time, they learn to associate the sound with the animal or object.

Rumble in the Jungle

iTunes Rating: 4 Stars | Price: $2.99

This is an interactive storybook that can keep your child entertained during a long trip. It’s a good break from endless games. You can read it to them while the audio accompaniment plays or read it together as the words light up for you to follow. Room for improvement would be incorporating more animals, and more puzzles.

Bebot – Robot Synth

iTunes Rating: 4 Stars | Price: $1.99

Bebot does not necessarily fall under the games category, but it is a fun synth that your kid would enjoy. Bebot is a musical instrument that works through a touch control system. As you play it, the cute and friendly robot performs. It’s both stunning in sound and responsiveness and would be fun for kids to play.

Other Educational and Creativity Apps

Baby Chef

iTunes Rating: 4 Stars | Price: FREE

Imagine your kid going all busy prepping a meal through this app. Baby Chef encourages creativity and imagination as player chooses to mix ingredients and concoct their own version of a pizza or sushi plate.

Bamba Burger

iTunes Rating: 4 Stars | Price: FREE

Here’s another app to nurture that budding chef in your toddler. He gets to prepare burgers, fries, and drinks, then pay for them and eat them. It’s fun that he gets to flip the burger patty by swiftly tilting the iPad as if it were the pan… some motor skills can be developed here. Just make sure he’s old enough to do it without dropping the tablet. Some of the hamburger ingredients are hilarious and exotic and kids love it. This app gives you quite a handful for a free download compared to other paid toddler games.

Puzzle Me

iTunes Rating: 4+ Stars | Price $0.99

This is great for training spatial intelligence. You have classically shaped jigsaw puzzle pieces to solve and it times the player so you know if you’re getting quicker at solving puzzles. This, among other toddler games, may be for older ones though, or kids already in pre-school.


iTunes Rating: 4+ Stars | Price: FREE

Maily is “Your Kid’s First Email” Yes, your toddler can now send you a message through Maily (with some supervision). It’s a safe messaging platform for kids 3 and up so they can connect with family and friends. Of course, they won’t send you a lengthy letter, but a drawing or photo. The older siblings can guide her as she “composes” her artwork. It’s not a game really but it does enhance you child’s communication skills.

To conclude...

Then of course, there is an “infinite” supply of games, abc and other educational apps out there. If you seriously want more options further than what we have listed here, check out My First App (open in new tab) (if you haven’t discovered it yet); it provides a progressive list of educational apps for babies to kids. Then there’s also Pink Fong (open in new tab), which has a collection of adorable songs, storybooks, and videos for kids.

Toddler games and educational apps are a great way to teach while having fun, or have fun while educating. However, always remember that kids also need physical and energetic activities to develop their motor skills. So whenever you have the opportunity, put your little one in a pair of toddler sandals and do take him out for some good old “traditional” playtime at the beach or playground.


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