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Anatomic Children’s Shoes in Australia

Toddler shoes! They come with various styles, materials, fit, quality, and price. If you’re a caring mum or dad, you know better than to simply choose a cute pair of kids shoes. You did your homework and know exactly what features to look for. Not only that, you also scouted various shops in Australia, both online and offline, in search of premium quality toddler leather shoes but probably to discover there is a shortage of options.

For sure, breathable, kids leather shoes that provide quality fit – the kind that doesn’t shift your kid’s feet from side to side or front to back – is the way to go. Not to mention, flexible yet supportive soles are a requirement. These high quality features are what experts recommend, and they’re all found in anatomic footwear or children’s orthopedic shoes.

But where can you find children’s orthopedic footwear? Because most well-known brands that specialise in crafting anatomic shoes for children are not always (if at all) available in Australia, we thought to ourselves, hey, why not bring these high-end toddler shoes here? And so First Walkers came about.

First Walkers’ mission is to bring to you, Aussie mums, dads, and kids, brands that craft high-end shoes, sandals and sneakers. First Walkers footwear is cute, stylish, but most importantly orthotic friendly. First Walkers online store was launched with an adorable collection by Woopy Orthopedic. Woopy is a Turkish brand that has been producing orthopedic and anatomic children’s shoes since 1974. Woopy is popular in Southern, Eastern and Central Europe. Their kids leather shoes combine fashionable design with cutting edge technologies, and so mums and little ones love them.

Take your pick at this collection of orthotic friendly toddler shoes at our online shop: Our orthopedic sandals, sneakers, Mary Janes, and other kids leather shoes are available for pre-walkers, toddlers, and juniors. Shipping is free within Australia when ordering at least two (2) pairs. We deliver to East Coast Metro Areas, Metro Adelaide and Perth, country areas, as well as remote areas. We also accommodate exchange and return+refund within a 14-day from purchase period. Details for delivery time and returns and refund are on our webpage.

Kids footwear is not a trivial concern for parents who want only the best for their kids. Since a child’s first six years are critical for foot development especially once he starts walking, anatomic toddler shoes give us peace of mind, and First Walkers is happy to help parents have that peace of mind when it comes to providing quality toddler footwear a for their little ones.





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